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The scope of our educational establishment’s endeavours includes:

SEMINARS (The "Sfumato ® “ Methodology)
I. "Blended Reading"
II. "Coping with a Poem"



» An International Conference (Prague, 5.-9.5.2015)

» UNESCO Regional Literacy Conference (Baku, 14.-16.5.2008)

The fifth in the series of the UNESCO Regional Conferences in Support of Global Literacy, within the framework of the United Nations Literacy Decade (UNLD) and UNESCO's Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE), focused on 30 countries in Central, Eastern and South-East Europe and the Baltic States. The Conference presented roundtables to stimulate discussions on main challenges, trends, gaps, achievements and innovations in the region, as well as developed recommendations on how to promote literacy.

The following themes were addressed:
  • Concept and evolution of literacy and adult learning in today’s world: Literacy as the foundation for lifelong learning and key competencies for employability, active citizenship and social inclusion in knowledge societies;
  • Assessment, measurement and evaluation of literacy levels and basic competencies;
  • Pedagogical approaches for promoting quality basic learning; and
  • Responding to new demands, integrated systems of learning opportunities, legislative and institutional arrangements.

The Conference also examined effective practices to improve literacy levels in panels on six thematic fields:
  • Family Literacy and Intergenerational Learning;
  • Literacy for Health;
  • Workplace Literacy;
  • E-learning, Open-Distance Education and ICTs;
  • Quality basic learning for groups with special needs, e.g. minority groups, migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), prisoners; and
  • Education for Sustainable Development: citizenship, consumer and environmental education.
The overarching objectives of the Conference were:
  • to build awareness among countries on their literacy and adult education challenges;
  • to advocate for literacy and adult education;
  • to identify and discuss main challenges and achievements in literacy and adult education;
  • to present and disseminate effective literacy and adult education practices;
  • to build cooperation among stakeholders;
  • to develop recommendations on how to move forward and how to mobilize countries to build national strategies to address their literacy and adult education challenges.


The Czech Republic at the Regional Literacy Conference "Addressing Literacy Challenges in Europe with a sub-regional focus: Building Partnerships and Promoting Innovative Approaches" held by UNESCO and the government of Azerbaijan

Summary Outcomes

Europe must improve its literacy levels

UNESCO warns that illiteracy is still a problem in Europe (UN Radio)  

» A Special National Conference with International Participation (Prague, 28.11.2007)

» Other events




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